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On Sunday on 22nd of May 2016, Thassos welcomes the trail running friends, in the 3rd trail running Marathon “YPSARIO PATH 44K”, and also in a new one trail running race, open to everyone who loves the challenges and wants to try their forces, the first trail running STONE BRIDGE 12K. A racing weekend that for another year is organized by the Environmental Movement Thassos and the MTB THASSOS team in cooperation with the sports equipment company Inov8. Both races will start in the mountain village of Theologos and end in San Antonio beach in Potos. The organization will take care for the transportation from Potos to Theologos.


1. GENERAL: The race route is a complete traversal of the most important mountain massif of the island, passing through the two highest peaks of the island, (Ypsario peak 1204m. and Kazavitianos Ai Lias 1152m.). Main features of the route, the impressive rocky formations in mountain Ypsario, a unique natural beauty area with exclusive juniper forest cover, which is labeled as Wildlife Refuge and protected area 'Natura'. The route of 44km is very demanding with a high degree of difficulty. The finish limit time in St. Antonio beach is 10 hours. The organization suggests only experienced athletes should take part because at some points the route has high difficulties. The starting will be at 8.00 in the morning, in the Intellectual Center of Theologos. The marathon is a grading criterion for the most important similar events in our country.

2. PHILOSOPHY: The aim of the organizers is the prominence of the main mountain massif of Thassos through two major access paths (Theologos, Potamia) and the development of this mountainous sport in our region, concerning that by the promotion of nature, the presence of volunteers in key positions in the natural environment in these athletic events and finally with the participation of athletes, is created a substantial contact of humans with nature. Only in this way human will acquire the ability to think with correct critical thinking, will expand his spiritual horizons, as a result to change radically every ideology for nature and in parallel discern any positive element that nature offers in his life.

3. RIGHT OF PARTICIPATION: Anyone who has attained the 18th year of their age and has recently undergone in the necessary medical examinations to determine that they are healthy can participate in the race.

MEN19-39 (M1)
VETERANS Α 39-49 (M2)

-Route Length: 44.3km.
-Positive Altitude 1975m.
-Negative Elevation 2206m
-9% Forest road
-1% Asphalt
-Highest Point: Ypsario peak 1204.
-Lower Point: San Antonio beach 0m.
-Chronicle exclusion 10 hours.
-2 Exclusion time points Panothni Vrisi Potamias 5 hours & Theologos 8 hours.
-Support stations 5.

The cost of participation in the race is twenty five (25) euros and covers
A) For all participants:
1. Number of race (bib)
2. Rescue coverage
3. Pre-race meal (pasta party)
4. Supply the race
5. Technical T-Shirt Inov 8
6. By chance other souvenirs
B) For athletes who have finished the race on time: Finishing medal


1. GENERAL: The race is named from the characteristic arched stone bridge at the beginning of the route. It is the only bridge which is salvaged on the island and is a historical monument from the period of Turkish domination on the island. The new race route around 12km. is almost all slightly downhill, on a passable path and is the last part of the route of the marathon. It is an opportunity for someone to try the experience of the mountain running without much difficulty and also to enjoy the beautiful nature until the finish line. Starting will also be given from the Intellectual Center of Theologos at 10.00 in the morning.

 The aim of the organizers is to provide an opportunity to the massive participants who are interested to come in contact with this sport, while in recent years have witnessed an increasing trend and the interest in small and without technical difficulties races is large.

In the race can participate anyone who have attained the 18th year of their age and have recently undergone in the necessary medical examinations, to determine that they are healthy. Furthermore, teenagers, aged 15-18 with the consent of their guardians can take part.


FEMALE 15-18
MALE 15-18
MEN19-39 (M1)
VETERANS Α 39-49 (M2)

From the starting we descend the main road where after the Main Square we turn left, entering into a stone path which leads us down where the island’s unique stone-built bridge is, which is still preserved intact and united the two settlements the Turkish Quarter and Greek Quarter. The old central path of Turkish Quarter leads us to Kartsiliotina, an area nearby Theologos which is known for its carnival Bacchus which had been taken place until the beginning of 70’s and for its own water that constituted the "washing machine" of old housewives. Old and new paths succeed each other with great variety in their morphology with a slight downward slope. After a particular point the route is common with the classic mountain bike race route. 5 km before the finishing there is an accessible crossroad in which a check point will be set up. The last 2km. is a dirt road which will guide us to the coast of St. Antonio and the finish line.

The cost of participation in the race is ten (10) euros and covers:
A) For all participants:
1. Number of race (bib)
2. Pre-race meal (pasta party)
3. Supply the race
4. T-shirt from the race
B) For athletes who have finished the race on time:
Finishing medal

COPYRIGHTS: The organization and its colleagues retain the copyrights of photography and filming the race by authorized groups which undertake this work. Each athlete whose application of participation is being accepted, automatically he accepts this condition, knowing that his face may appear on pictures or videos, without being asked his permission and without being able to claim any compensation from any published material.
Payments of the corresponding amounts for participation are made by bank transfer to Bank Piraeus in the number GR29 0171 0620 0060 6212 7779 616   of beneficiaries REIZI IOANNI and NIKOLAO KITRINO. Entries will be accepted only after the submission of the respective participation price and until 04.30.2016. ON THE DEPOSIT SHOULD DEFINITELY BE SHOWN THE NAME OF DEPOSITOR AND THE RACE IN WHICH THEY WANT TO PARTICIPATE.

COPY OF THE DEPOSIT SHOULD be presented to the secretariat. Requests to participate for all races will be done electronically through the registration form that will be available on the website of the event
Further information and detailed route description, as well as the number of check points are in race website and also on page on facebook:
For more information you can contact by phone: REIZIS GIANNIS 6946955704 & 6970015966 KITRINOS NIKOS and by the e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Organizing Committee